Arua auditions for the Y plus beauty pageant

Have started dont miss 

                                                               19 August 2017 11:10   

HIV/ AIDs can be prevented! Take

charge of your life today & Test your

self or with your partner if not abstain

from sex or use Condoms . For more 

visit our Twitter handle @UNYPA1

                                 14 August 2017 13:22   


     We will be kicking off with

the first audition of the yplus 

beauty pageant in Mbale. Don't

miss be there and we Enjoy together.

Eastern Region Auditions in Mbale District.

Venue: District Hall-Luhhobo Hall

                                 12 August 2017 12:22am      


  Y+ Eastern Region Auditions in

Mbale District. Happening now at 

District Hall-Luhhobo Hall 

                             12 August 2017  13:12

We are glad to have Miss Tourism

with us as we search for the next

ambassadors for Young People Living

With HIV. #YPLUS2017

                                          12 August 2017  15:14